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Rain and Pest Control

Why Rain Makes It More Likely That You Will Need Professional Pest Control

Many people do not realize that rain can make a significant difference when it comes to pest. You are probably going to need a pest control more frequently during seasons when it rains heavily. It is important to understand why rain increases your need for a professional exterminator.

Rain Drives Pests Indoors

One of the main reasons is that rain drives pests indoors. Many insects and rodents have difficulty surviving outside when it is raining. Rainwater can pool up and drown nests or colonies. The pests will try to flee to somewhere drier. This usually means the nearest house. Pests might take risks when it is raining that they would not take otherwise.

Rain Provides Moisture to Feed Pests

All pests need moisture to survive. Rain provides an ample amount of the moisture that is needed. If it rains, then there is going to be enough moisture around for days to allow pests to start reproducing faster than normal. Instead of dying outside, the pests will have the energy to explore your home and find a way inside. If you see pests increasing during or after a rainstorm, then call Green Guard Pest Control immediately.

Rain Can Open New Access Points

Heavy rain over the course of an entire season can start to wear down certain parts of your home. This will eventually cause the rain to rot away or break down part of the exterior. That area will become an access point for pests. Even a small hole will allow ants, roaches or other pests into the home. You want to contact pest control specialists if you notice pests getting in through a new access point.

Faster Reproduction Means More Pests

A final reason rain is a problem is because exponentially more pests could appear just outside your home. The faster reproduction means there will be higher competition for space and food. Pests will start to infest your house out of necessity at this point. This is why you need to call in Green Guard Pest Control at the first sign of an infestation.

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