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Mice Prevention and Removal

One of the most intrusive and persistent rodents that humans have to deal with are mice. They are tiny little disease carrying rodents who gnaw and claw their way into your home and disrupt your life.

Traps Many homeowners who encounter mice set out traps to catch the vermin. One type of trap baits the mouse to trigger a hinge that snaps a strong piece of steel down on the vermin’s neck, killing it instantly. This requires the unpleasant chore of emptying the carcass off of the trap and re-setting with fresh bait.

Another type of trap is a live trap. This type of trap will allow the intruder to enter the trap but will not allow it to exit. Once caught, the mouse will stay alive in the trap until the spring is released to open the door. This type of trap requires frequent monitoring for any capture if it is to be released in a different location.

Poisons Many people choose to set out bait boxes of poison. Rodents will eat the poison and then retreat to their dens where they expire. This can lead to unpleasant odors if the death occurs within the home unnoticed.

Natural Enemies The most natural way to catch a mouse is with a cat. Cats are genetically tuned to chase, capture, and eat small rodents. The home will be vermin free and the cat may turn out to be a BFF (Best Furry Friend).

When a mouse is carrying off your toaster crumbs it is time to call upon the services of a professional exterminating service such as Green Guard Pest Control. Technicians will know exactly what to do to rid your home of these uninvited dinner guests. Give them a call today to eliminate these dirty pests once and for all.

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