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Earwigs are easily recognizable insects that are a red-brownish color and have trademark pincers protruding from the end of their abdomens. They are generally disliked and are the subject of lots of myths about brain-eating activities, which are absolutely untrue. Females lay 20-60 eggs each breeding season, which means that they quickly multiply and fill an area.

Oftentimes these insects will be seen more readily at night because they’re nocturnal. During the day, they are usually found in places such as under bark, in mulch, in leaves, in plants and under other moist, dark areas such as beneath rocks. When they emerge at night, they do damage to live plants, which is their main food source. Infestations of this insect can wreak havoc to a farmer’s crops if not treated.

It’s best to have a pest control service rid an area of these bugs because they can be difficult to eradicate without proper chemical treatment. They easily slip into homes through doors and windows, and are especially adept at infesting entire subdivisions and farms.

At Green Pest Control in Frisco, we know how to get rid of pesky bugs and critters, including these bothersome insects. Our technicians are trained to use the most effective methods and treatments available, protecting plants and homes while destroying the population of earwigs. We work to not only rid the area of current infestation, but to prevent further re-infestation through the use of a tailor-made approach that works best for the customer.

We’ll take time to analyze your situation and work with you to create an effective plan. If your home or garden is suffering from an infestation of this troublesome insect, contact us at Green Pest Control in Frisco to help you get rid of them once and for all.

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