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Green Guard Pest Control is a family-owned and operated pest control company based in the heart of North Texas. We provide comprehensive Frisco Pest Control TX and Plano Pest Control services and solutions. As a full service Frisco pest control TX and Plano Pest Control company, Green Guard’s professional technicians treat your home both inside and out against insects, pests and rodents. We treat not only your foundation and interior, but also your home’s yard and eaves for maximum protection.

As a fully licensed certified applicator himself, our owner employs only licensed and professional technicians. Our technicians have years of experience working in the Frisco pest control and Plano Pest Control markets. When dealing with the insects, pests, and rodents in North Texas, experience matters. That’s why Green Guard is one of the most competent and trusted providers of the advanced pest control techniques best suited for the North Texas geography and climate. We provide our customers with the most complete pest control service in the area, and we back our service with a complete customer service guarantee.

If your home is in need of comprehensive protection from North Texas pests, then contact Green Guard Pest control today.  Our team of Frisco pest control TX and Plano Pest Control professionals will work diligently to provide your home a safer, and cleaner living environment for your family.


Green Guard Pest Control is a FULL SERVICE pest control company that provides more than just your average pest control. All of technicians are licensed and experienced professionals that perform their job with honesty, integrity, and precision. What sets Green Guard apart from other pest control companies?

  • High Pressure Spray Equipment

  • 30 ft. Treatment Radius

  • Roofline Protection (Extension Rods)

  • Mice/Rat & Flea/Tick Protection

  • Organic Based Products



Our high-quality and professional group is based on a team of experts, quality assurance program, and universal documentation of findings and service, all of which guarantees our insect control service meets our high-quality standards and norms.



Our yard treatment has two parts. Every service with Green Guard Pest Control will provide your home with a 30 ft.



Each of our trucks is equipped with a 50 gallon tank. These tanks allow us to provide your home with a pressure

Green Guard 02.jpg


Green Guard Pest Control uses extension poles allowing us to reach the spider webs and wasp nests as far up as 25 feet on your home. Many spider problems inside the home are caused by spiders nesting in the eaves which eventually move into the attic and down into the house.


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The primary product used at Green Guard Pest Control is Demand CS. Demand CS is a highly advanced product because of the iCAP technology used in its production. This technology is an added bonus because it allows the product to last longer than other pest products on the market. This is because within the liquid there are thousands of microscopic capsules that have a polymer shell encasing the active product. This shell allows the active product to be protected from the elements of the Texas environment and, therefore, creates a much longer residual life. In addition, the capsules in Demand CS actually attach to the legs and cuticles of the insects allowing more effective eradication. 


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