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Why You Should Choose Us

Green Guard Pest Control is usually engaged in educating it’s customers on the methods and practices behind the pest control that we do here, but today we’re going to take a break from that and focus on a question that many of our customers asked us at the beginning of our relationship. The simple question, “Why should I choose you?”

Not only is this question fair, it is also important to ask any service you’re thinking about investing into. Why should I choose you for investment into my home improvement and not another company that does the same thing? What if that company has lower prices, promises a shorter time spent on the job, or offer a service that you don’t?

Customer Service is First

First of all, here at Green Guard Pest Control, we want everyone to know that our first concern is the customer. Not only can we answer these questions, but we have reasons for everything that we do. We take as much time as we do (which varies based on the job) because we care about the results. Our reputation is important to us, and we don’t skimp when it comes to quality.

Several Unique Services

Our products are safer for the environment than most of our competition. Made from organic substances, all of our pest control products have organic beginnings. Whether you’re getting your whole home cared for or simply a part that needs attention, you can be sure that the products being used are as safe as it gets!

We also provide roofline pest control. Oftentimes, insects can find cracks for entry in the hardest-to-reach places. This does not handicap Green Guard Pest Control however, and we’ve got solutions for pest control that literally encompass your entire home.


Going with a rookie isn’t always bad, and we are certainly thankful for those who went with us when we were at that stage. However, there are some things that seasoned veterans of the trade would know, and that someone with little to no experience couldn’t. Green Guard Pest Control is one of the seasoned veterans in your area, and we are committed to bringing nothing but quality to your home. Give us a call for expertly performed insect and pest control.

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