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What You Can Do To Prepare Your Home for Spring Pests

Spring is a time when pests start to emerge after a long winter. They are going to be looking for food and shelter. This is why pests often attempt to infest your home. You can take steps to stop this from happening. Several tips will help while you are preparing your house for spring pests.

Cut Back Plants and Bushes

Start by going outside and cutting back plants and bushes. These are common sources of pest infestations because they provide a protected path directly to the walls of your house. You want to leave around 12 to 18 inches of open space between plantings and your home.

Clean Your Air Conditioner and Ducts

Pests can survive a cold winter by nesting inside of ducts or air conditioning systems. You should clean your vents, registers, ducts and air conditioner thoroughly. It might actually be helpful to call a professional service if you have a large house with extensive ductwork.

Do Some Spring Cleaning

Crumbs, clutter and sugary stains can all attract pests like ants and roaches into your house. Plan to do a thorough spring cleaning to keep the pests away. Wipe down, vacuum and clean every part of the house. Focus extra attention on bathrooms, garages and kitchens.

Check Your Pipes for Leaks

Cold weather can damage your plumbing or fixtures. This sometimes causes a leak. The moisture will draw pests into your home. Check the pipes under the sinks, in the basement and in other areas of the house. If you find any leaks, then repair them right away to remove the moisture pests are looking for.

Schedule a Professional Inspection

A final step when preparing your house for spring pests should be to schedule a professional inspection. A company like Green Guard Pest Control will examine your entire house and property looking for vulnerabilities or signs of pests. The service can even lay down traps and other preventative measures to keep pests out in spring.

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