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What Sets Us Apart From Other Pest Control Companies

So you’ve needed pest control for some time now, but you were unsure of the ramifications of hiring someone? Yeah, we hear that all the time. In all actuality, we aren’t bothered when people need proof of our excellence or ability to professionally rid you of your pest worries. That’s all a part of the job, and we take great steps to ensure your complete peace of mind and comfort during the whole process. Here’s a little bit about what we do and how we do it.

The Products We Use

Here at Green Guard Pest Control, the primary product used here is Demand CS. It is highly advanced, and known to be one of the most sought after products on the market due to its use of iCAP technology. Within the liquid, there are thousands of tiny capsules that feature a polymer shell encasing the active product. This shell allows the product to be protected from the Texas elements for a longer duration of time, thus allowing the product to last longer on your home. In addition to this, the capsules actually attach themselves to the legs and cuticles of the pests and bugs you are trying to get rid of, which means that you get a more effective eradication of these pests. This product is both tasteless and odorless, which allows for complete continuation of your life around your home while the product does its work.

Our Equipment

With high-pressure spray equipment, and highly powered hoses, we are able to get in, take care of your problem, and get out. Efficiency is the name of the game we play. With every service, we apply 6 to 10 more times the amount of products that our competitors are willing to use, and we do it all while using a highly powered pressure sprayer that is more efficient than the “hand cans” generally used in pest control operations.

We have extension rods available to reach those hard to reach places, roofline inspection for bugs, and all of our products are organic based.

Commitment to Excellence

In a world of half done and halfhearted jobs, Green Guard Pest Control is nothing like our competitors. We not only use only quality products, but our commitment to completed jobs, and complete excellence is unwavering.

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