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Call a Professional to Get Rid of Wasps

Nothing can be more frightening than to stumble upon a nest of bees. Wasps build their nests under items or high up or in areas where they are less likely to be disturbed. There are other bees in wasp family that are nuisances. Yellow jackets and bald-face hornets are also members of the wasp family. Bees in this family have a sting that will pack a painful wallop and can make people very ill.

Wasps can set up shop anywhere–including under porches, under the eaves of homes and in tree branches. Yellow jackets build nests in the ground and can be disturbed by gardening or stepping on their nests. When a Frisco homeowner finds a nest, the tendency may be to go and purchase an aerosol pesticide spray and begin the task of squirting the chemical at these pesky stingers until they drop the ground. However, anyone who has made attempts to get rid of the pests knows that this never works as intended. For some people, trying to get rid of the bees is not practical because they are allergic to bee stings.

The best course of action for getting rid of bees is to call Green Pest Control in Frisco. We have safe and effective strategies for getting rid of a wasp problem, and we will do it in quickly so that families and individuals can get back to the outdoor activities they enjoy.

Getting rid of a pest problem is more than spraying chemicals. While our focus at Green Pest Control in Frisco is to respond to your request, we will go a step above to assess your problem and determine where other bees may be nesting, and develop a plan for taking out their nests before they can multiply into a bigger problem. Frisco residents who are dealing with wasp type bees should give us a call.

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