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The Dangers & Repercussions of Insect Infestations


The Dangers

Terminates are resilient creatures. Often mistaken for flying ants, they are social little things, and they often put up camp in the structures of people’s homes. The reason they do this is because of their appetite, which, sadly for homeowners, is dead plant materials like wood, leaf litter, and soil. This makes the support beams in your home not only a safe haven, but also a never-ending buffet for these eusocial insects. Yep, that’s right, there is a bug that eats wood. There’s a good chance they’re living around you.

The Solution

Green Guard Pest Control eliminates these insects by applying chemicals into and around the infrastructure of your home that would be toxic for these insects to eat. Give Green Guard Pest Control a call today to exterminate those buggers for good.

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