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Summertime Pest Control Tips

Serving Frisco, Plano, Allen, McKinney and surrounding areas, Green Guard Pest Control is an excellent source of summertime pest control tips.

First, it is recommended that you keep your yard and garden areas well maintained. Cut the grass on a regular basis, remove weeds, and trim bushes. This will reduce the opportunities for pests to nest and multiply. An additional measure of having the outdoor areas sprayed will all but eliminate any issues with pests.

Be sure to drain any areas of standing water. This may be in a bird bath, a child’s wading pool, or just an area of your lawn prone to flooding. Standing water serves as an incubator for many species of pests, so simply removing that water will lead to a reduction in the number of pests in your vicinity.

Next, be careful to keep all garbage covered or in a container to discourage the growth of flies and other pests. This is especially crucial during summer months when the warm weather spurs many pests to greater action.

Inside your home, take care to seal food items such as sugar or flour that may attract pests in airtight containers. Keeping your house clean will also go a long way to preventing a pest invasion. Sweep, vacuum, and clean on a regular basis to prevent crumbs and/or sticky spills as these things are highly appealing to pests.

Just as you can have the outdoor areas of your home sprayed, you can also choose to have the interior of your home sprayed to prevent pest problems. Choosing a company such as Green Guard Pest Control will ensure that any products sprayed are safe and environmentally friendly.

Taking the time to follow these summertime pest control tips will result in fewer pests and a more enjoyable summer experience.

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