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Springtime Pest Control Tips

With the start of the spring season, we will soon have to set our clocks forward, but we will also have to take measures to prevent the reemergence of insects and critters that build nests and forage for food in our homes. That can result in insects and wildlife that come too close to home for comfort. Without following the right springtime pest control tips for the home, your little nuisance can quickly turn into a giant infestation.

Most professional companies recommend that you take preventative measures in the home to keep the unwanted visitors out. During your spring cleaning sessions, seal the entry points that the pests can use to infiltrate your home. For example, look for cracks in windows and doors that will serve as an entrance. Insects especially love light fixtures, and they will often congregate at that point during the night hours. If you are dealing with an infestation, Green Guard Pest Control can come to your home and stop the problem in its tracks. They are a family owned business.

Especially during the spring season, you want to keep the food in sealed containers that insects cannot reach. For example, if you have bird seed or pet food, you will not want to invite ants or other pests in for a meal. Use airtight containers to seal them away and eliminate standing water. Aside from ruining a great barbecue, mosquitoes will also transmit deadly diseases, but they breed in water, so getting rid of it on your property will keep them away.

Finally, if you have a basement, use a dehumidifier to keep the excess moisture at bay. Centipedes, silverfish and other nuisances love to congregate in moist areas of the home, but you can reduce the chances of them choosing your home with less moisture. Hopefully these springtime pest control tips for the home will help you to be pest free. If you do have an infestation, call Green Guard Pest Control.

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