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Springtime Pest Control

Springtime Pest Control

Along with blooming flowers and warmer temperatures come unwanted pests. Springtime pest control doesn’t need to be an overwhelming process if the proper steps are taken. The following provides information for preventing and eradicating pests in and around your home.

Take a Proactive Approach Take a walk around the outside of your home and look for any grass, shrubs, or trees that are up against the exterior of your home that need to be trimmed or removed. Plants and trees serve as bridges for pests to enter your home. Insects often make their home in stacks of firewood. Make sure all wood is kept as far away as possible from the house. Seal any cracks found in the exterior of your home.

Ridding Your Home of Pests Always keep kitchen counters clean and free of food particles. Since insects are attracted to garbage, keep all trash covered with well-fitted lids. Flies are known to dislike the smell of basil. Keeping these plants by doorways and on windowsills will help keep flies out of your home. Wipe counters with vinegar to keep ants away and spray crevices with a citrus-water mixture to ward of spiders. If these methods aren’t working be sure to contact a professional. Many companies now use natural methods to eradicate pests.

Springtime Pest Control in Your Lawn and Garden Hang a wooden box with a large opening in a tree or on a pole to attract barn owls to your yard. One or two owls will eat thousands of rodents in a year’s time. Grow catnip in containers in the backyard to keep away mosquitoes. Purchase a fake wasp nest at a garden or hardware store. While the idea may be controversial, there are those who insist it works. Wasps are said to be territorial and won’t build a nest close to where another may be detected. If you find a real nest, don’t attempt to remove it without professional help.

Springtime pest control doesn’t need to be difficult. Following a few simple steps can keep your home and garden free from annoying pests.

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