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Of all the creatures that can find their way into our homes, spiders often cause us the most concern. The following information discusses the types often found in a home, why it is important to control them, and different methods for eliminating them.

Basic Types The Domestic House Spider, Daddy Longlegs, and the Jumping Spider are three of the most common found in homes throughout the United States. While these three are harmless to humans, a few others are potentially more dangerous. These include the brown recluse spider and the black widow.

Problems They Can Cause If a homeowner sees more than one spider this probably means a variety of other insects are a problem as well. Controlling spiders in the home means taking care of other insects. Another reason they need to be controlled is the potential to be bitten. While most spiders don’t bite and those that do generally aren’t poisonous, a few are. A brown recluse spider can be found throughout a large portion of the United States and can cause serious health problems.

Methods of Elimination There are some natural methods that will help eliminate them from around the house. The first is to keep the home clutter free. Another remedy is to keep to a minimum bushes and plants that are right next to the house. Also, sealing cracks in the basement and around window sills will help as well. A few organic methods that may work include natural oils such as peppermint. A vinegar and water mix sprayed along cracks and corners may eliminate them. Finally, keeping a clean house is one of the best ways to keep them away. If there are very few insects or flies in a home, they won’t have an adequate food source.

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