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Snakes in the Home

Snakes Making Themselves at Home

Much of the country experienced a longer than normal winter. Whether that meant more snow for you, or whether it meant cooler than average temperatures, the longer winter also created a milder spring. Because of the cooler than average temperatures this spring and heavy rainfall plaguing most of the country, an unlikely guest is inviting itself into homes, sheds, and other outbuildings. Snakes are being ousted from their homes by flooding, and they are moving into and around your home as shelter.

To avoid these pests making themselves at home in your house or yard, it’s important to consider the environments that they prefer. You should remove piles of debris, cut your high grass, and make sure you do not have piles of wood or sticks near your house. You should also be sure to secure your home and other out structures by sealing off openings. These slithering annoyances can crawl under doors, through open window wells, and through damaged structures that leave openings to the inside.

A Green Guard Pest professional will be able to analyze the inside and outside of your home. The professional can advise you of areas likely to attract a snake, and a professional can also help you secure these areas. Another benefit of consulting with a Green Guard Pest professional is that you can utilize their services for repellant sprays. Snakes lay eggs, and the only thing worse than one snake is several of them. Repellant spray and insecticides will not only keep these pests away from your home, but it will also keep eggs from hatching.

Should you find a snake in or around your home, you should contact a Green Guard Pest professional. Many snakes are venomous and should not be handled. An expert pest control professional will be familiar with venomous types in your area, and the professional will be able to safely remove the snake from your home

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