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Snakes in North Texas

Green Guard Snakes are mostly shy and have no desire to be around humans. Because they eat mice, grubs, slugs, insects, and other pesky creatures, they can be a beneficial animal to have around. Though most snakes in the United States are harmless, many venomous varieties may present dangers to humans and pets alike.

The solutions below can help you discover ways to keep snakes away without posing any needless dangers to yourself, your loved ones, family pets, or the snake.

Snake Identification: If you see a snake in your yard don’t approach it. Take a picture and call your Green Guard Pest Control Specialist at 214-469-2100. Green Guard Pest Control is a family-owned and operated pest control company

Snake Repellent: Use the repellents that state “snake repellent” on the label, and make sure to only use these repellants according to printed instructions. They seem to love areas that humans love also, and when they enter into these areas, they are generally looking for food sources and a shelter.

Snake-Proof Your Home: These cold-blooded reptiles like cool and damper areas, so it’s better to seal off any possible entry points. The crawl space under your home or business or a basement are areas these reptiles love to hide, so be aware and make the area less appealing.

Keep window screens and door sweeps tightly sealed to ensure safety. You’ll want to provide cover to venting and drain systems coming inside of your house using a galvanized screen.

Scrap metal, trash, and wood piles are places these animals like to hide, so it’s a good idea to keep your yard area clean and avoid creating hiding places. Keeping your grass cut and weeds trimmed away can go a long ways in protecting your yard and home.

Snake-Proof Fencing: You can also consider building a snake-proof fence around your home or garden if other methods fail to control the reptiles.

Nevertheless, if you find a snake inside of your house, you can use traps like mechanical products and glue trap items to capture it without harming the snake. For assistance with removing or identifying a snake species, call Green Guard Pest Control for additional information.

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