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In hot climates, it’s normal to find a scorpion inside of a residential or commercial building due to torn window screens or cracks in the walls. The creepy crawlers can be found in sizes that range from 1/2 an inch to eight inches in length with two pinchers and a stinger on its tail, which is meant to paralyze or kill its prey. They are most common in dry climates and come out in the warmer months of the year, making them a common problem in households. It’s important to hire a professional service to properly remove the insect, as well as take precautionary measures for the future to prevent injury.

Scorpions are attracted to areas with full brush and tall grass, making it important to keep the lawn mowed each week while keeping bushes and trees away from the home and properly trimmed. Avoid having piles of wood or mulch too close to the home, which can be a hiding place for scorpions. They often stay in dark locations during hot days and are prone to come out at night when the temperatures drop.

The insect can sting both humans and pets, resulting in venom being released and death occurring in rare cases. To prevent the insect from entering the home, it’s important to weather-strip doors and windows, sealing all cracks, and replace broken screens.

When wanting to remove the insect from the home, it’s important to call Green Guard Pest Control to obtain professional services with effective chemicals that can be used to kill and remove the scorpion. Green Guard Pest Control will ensure that the family and pets are safe during the process for an environment that remains healthy after the insect has been removed. Other desert pests can also be removed in the process to promote a safe living area for the residents.

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