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Imagine getting ready to relax after a long day and hearing strange noises coming from your kitchen. You walk in, look over at your counter top, and see a hole at the bottom of your bread bag. After talking with loved ones and doing some research, you realize that a mouse has probably invaded your home. Your first thought might be too deep clean the house and buy a few mouse traps, problem solved. This may seem like an easy fix, but the reality is, this solution does not begin to address the possible health hazards caused by rodents.

Mice have the ability to spread over 30 different types of diseases. You can easily become ill if you come into contact with their fecal matter, urine, or bites. These little pests move very fast, so it would be impossible to know every little crack and crevice they may have touched inside of your living space. This is why it is very important to get a professional to address these concerns.

Green Guard Pest Control specializes in removing rodents and their diseases. They use organic based products and do not charge extra fees for their “mice/rat” protection service. They not only treat your home, they educate you about the health hazards caused by rodents and how to prevent them so that they do not reoccur.

Your home is too precious to share it with pesky rodents. Your time and money is too valuable to spend it buying traps that do not address the root of your rodent problem. I highly recommend Green Guard Pest Control to take the issue off of your hands. They are a top notch company who cares about their customers. Before you know it, you will be safely nestled in your home, rat and worry free.


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