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Practical Fall Pest Control Tips That Any Homeowner Can Use

Pests of all types are searching for warmth, moisture and shelter when the fall comes. You home in Texas could become the target of pests trying to find a place to stay for the winter. You do not want that to happen. Here are some fall pest control tips that can help to prevent infestations.

Repair and Seal Damaged Areas of the Home

You want to start by going around you house and sealing up any cracks or damaged areas that might allow pests to get in from the outside. You want to make sure doors sweeps are hitting the ground and secured tightly. Replace any damaged weather-stripping. Patch holes in screens and along window frames. You will also want to use caulk to fill any holes or cracks along exterior walls.

Clear Away Clutter

Pests love clutter. You need to clear away any clutter in your home that could become a nest for pests. Make certain you clear out anything in your drawers, cabinets and cupboards as well. If you remove as much clutter as possible, then pests will have nowhere to go once inside the house.

Clean Up Debris Outside Your House

One of the most important fall pest control tips is to clean up debris outside your house. You do not want mulch, branches, firewood or piles of leaves against the side of your home. Pests can nest in those areas and then work slowly inside the house. Keep around two to three feet of space completely clear all around your home.

Call Us for an Inspection

A final tip is to call us here at Green Guard Pest Control located in Frisco Texas for an inspection in the fall. We will check to see whether there are already pests secretly entering your home. We also check for unseen entryways and moisture that could attract pests. We can take preventative steps to ensure that your home does not become infested with pests in the fall.

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