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Pest Control Preparation for Fall and Winter

With the temperatures cooling, humans aren’t the only creatures looking for warmth during the upcoming fall and winter months. It’s a good idea to get your house and property ready in order to prevent any unwelcome autumn visitors. Green Pest Control recommends pest control preparation for fall and winter, and can help you inspect your premises to make sure it’s properly cleaned and sealed for the upcoming seasons.


  1. Issues

  2. Rodents contaminate food and grains with their urine and feces.

  3. Rodents chew through wires, creating fire hazards.

  4. Maintenance

  5. Seal up any cracks or holes on the exterior of your home.

  6. Clean up debris lying around the outside and inside of home.

  7. Make sure all garbage is in tightly-sealed containers.

  8. Keep all pet food, feed, and grain in tightly sealed containers.

  9. Maintain trees and shrubs — keeping them trimmed.

  10. Store firewood away from the side of home.

  11. Solution

  12. Green Guard Pest Control will go through your home from attic to basement, as well as the outside perimeter, and inspect it for evidence of infestation.

  13. Recommendations, such as sanitizing and securing surroundings, as well as placing bait stations will be discussed.


  1. Issues

  2. Spiders, especially, look for warm dark places to nest when the seasons change.

  3. You’ll often find them inside shoes, gloves, handbags, boxes, window sill, papers, and wood piles.

  4. Maintenance

  5. Check with heavily-gloved hand before wearing clothing items that have been sitting, and always wear gloves when working outdoors.

  6. Keep areas both in and out free of debris and swept.

  7. Solution

  8. Green Guard Pest Control will walk through your premises and inspect for common nesting areas.

  9. Recommendations will be made pertaining to your special circumstances, and the best way to control unwelcome surprises.

Pests for All Seasons

  1. Issues

  2. Other pests, such as cockroaches and bedbugs, are not limited by seasonal infestation. Once they are introduced onto your property, they are difficult to extricate.

  3. They can travel from neighboring areas, or be transported into the home with items you bring in with you.

  4. Maintenance

  5. Keep your home clean, and free of crumbs, or any food left unsealed.

  6. Inspect any items, especially second-hand, before bringing them into the home.

  7. Solution

  8. Green Guard Pest Control will inspect your home for infestation, and base the best approach for elimination and control on those findings.

  9. A Green Guard professional will discuss the best options with you for eliminating your pest problem.

Green Pest Control is committed to providing the best-trained and most reliable customer service team in North Texas. Serving Frisco, Plano, The Colony, Lewisville and Dallas Texas. Whether you’re needing assistance with pest control preparation for fall and winter, or all year, give us a call, we’ll have a solution.

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