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Pest control in the summer months

Green Guard

Nobody wants to share their living quarters with any kind of pests, whether they are of the insect or rodent variety. Unfortunately, all kinds of critters manage to find entrance into nearly every home, but there are effective ways to prevent this occurrence. There are multiple varieties of repellants and poisons formulated to either kill or repel every type of pest, but they can be difficult for the homeowner to use. Hiring a professional pest extermination company is the best choice in many cases.

The best natural way to control mice is to bring a cat into the home, but it must have claws to do its job well. Rodents can also be trapped if the homeowner wants to deal with emptying the traps, or poison bait can be used to eliminate them. Pest control in the summer months is not so important for mice since they make their greatest effort to enter the home when cold weather arrives.

Green Guard Pest Control can professionally treat every area of the home and yard to either kill or repel pests that attempt to enter the home through cracks or crevices in the foundation. A pressurized tank combined with extension poles make it possible to treat every area of the home with Demand CS. This product lasts longer than most other products available because it is formulated with iCAP technology. The product contains microscopic capsules of product encased in a polymer shell. The capsules attach to insects to kill them and other insects they contact.

While eliminating pests is important throughout the year, pest control in the summer months requires considerably more time and effort. Preventing an invasion of pests ahead of time is more effective and easier than trying to eliminate them after they have taken up residence. As in many areas of life, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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