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Pest Control During The Winter Months

Pest control during winter months is just as important as it is during warmer seasons. In fact, it is perhaps even more important since pests do not like the cold. Some will begin seeking the shelter of indoors for survival, and this means they can begin invading homes in larger numbers than they do when the weather is pleasant outside. Most people notice a greater influx of spiders and other unwanted pests when freezing temperatures begin to strike, and dealing with this immediately gives pests less time to reproduce.

Some of the invaders that show up at this time of year especially bad to have in or around human living areas for health reasons. The pests that tend to make their way into homes when it is cold outside tend to be the absolute worst kinds to have around. The list includes rats, mice, and German cockroaches which are known carriers of disease. The venomous Brown Recluse spider is also more common during winter months. It is crucial to get rid of these pests as soon as they arrive. Cockroaches are known to trigger allergies, especially in children, so it is actually possible to breathe easier once they have been eradicated.

Green Guard Pest Control can help with pest control during winter months. Our technicians know how to find the unwanted visitors and deter them from returning. We know how to get rid of pests the first time, and we know how to deter them from coming back. Call us for all your pest control needs, and remember that when you see one creature, there are likely to be more. Dealing with bugs and critters during cold months can help prevent a total infestation by spring. Call us today, and let us help you keep your home free of pests.

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