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Insects You’ll Want To Avoid

Over the years that insect control specialists have been devoted to bringing quality solutions to insect infestations, a lot has been learned. We can hardly believe that people used to cover houses in a giant tarp, just because the chemicals used to rid a house of bugs was so toxic it was best left out of the air for the rest of the neighborhood. That was when the craft was undeveloped. Today, our methods and knowledge of pest control have gained momentum enough to be considered a very safe procedure. Not only are the products that we use some of the best and highest quality in the industry, but our professionals are also knowledgeable and capable of applying those products in the newest and most efficient manner.

Some may think that insect infestations come with a simple and unanimous solution. This simply isn’t the case. Today, we’re going to be discussing the sorts of bugs that will ail a home, and which ones you’re trying to avoid. An infestation of any of the following means that something serious should be done for your home and your family.


Yeah we said the “C” word. Cockroaches are one of nature’s greatest mistakes. These common insects aren’t just the terrors of the slums or the unfortunate. Cockroaches thrive even in relatively clean environments; much like your own suburban home. There’s no keeping these creatures at bay until you’ve called a professional pest control service to rid your home of them permanently.


A spider infestation might be a bigger concern for those with children in the house. Adults are more aware of their surroundings, but many times a child could be playing within reach of one of these dangerous and sometimes deadly insects. Not only is Texas the home of the Brown Recluse and Black Widow spiders, but several other species are also very common. For safeties sake, you’ll want to avoid these buggers at all costs.


Some people’s worst nightmare, rats are one of the biggest health concerns for our company. Not only are rats unclean, but they feed and live off of the filthiest environments. They also breed in them, which could pose a greater problem if left unattended.

Infestations of all kinds are bad, but these categories warrant immediate action. If you have an infestation in your home, do yourself and your family a favor and nip the problem in the bud by calling a professional pest control service.

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