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How to prepare for the winter months

Pest Control Service

Pest problems are difficult to control during the cooler months because the home is much more comfortable for pests during the winter. A pest control service company can help homeowners prepare for the winter months when the home is most vulnerable to pest problems.

Pests like termites are extremely resilient. All states except Alaska are vulnerable to termite and other problems. Termites, carpenter ants, cockroaches and earwigs can thrive in all types of weather conditions year-round.

Pests can be very comfortable in the attic portion of the home. Wasps, spiders and other pests naturally gravitate toward spaces like the attic to escape cold weather. Mice and rodent problems can easily multiply in cold temperatures in safe hideaways like the attics. If unchecked, damage to wiring and the structure can lead to costly repairs to the home.

Problems like spiders are more common during the cooler months. Spiders can quickly accumulate in the right conditions. The presence of spider webs could mean that a potential infestation problem is fast approaching. Spiders can really increase their numbers and reproduce quickly. Areas can even become re-infested whenever the eggs hatch.

Checking the home for conditions that could lead to infestation problems is recommended during winter months. Checking gutters for clogging and gaps in the crawlspace reduces risks of infestation. Tree branches that are overgrown and close to the home should be trimmed. Monitoring indoor air quality and humidity conditions curbs dust mite problems. Having a thorough inspection to the property can identify any potential infestation problems.

Entry points of the home should also be treated. Treating the areas prevent pest problems stemming from insects entering the property through windows and doors. The entry points may have exposed gaps and vulnerabilities to the properties. In addition to treating the door and entry points, extra caulking around doorways adds an additional layer of protection.

When preparing for the winter months, it may be necessary to have a preliminary inspection performed. Getting the home treating and making any structural repairs ultimately shields the property from being damaged. Pest control service companies help property owners prevent potential infestation problems.

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