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How to Keep Heavy Rainfall from Luring Rodents into your Property

Recent heavy rainfall in North Texas has brought a variety of pests out of hiding. When heavy rainfall and humidity seem unstoppable, we often see a major increase in mosquitoes, cockroaches, silverfish, and rodents. Yes - the presence of rodents increases during and following heavy rainfall and humidity.

Rats and mice seek shelter from the rain, flash flooding and humidity in cooler, dryer places. The air conditioning and stable humidity percentage inside your home or office creates the perfect oasis for a rodent attempting to escape the outside conditions.

As North Texans, we are certainly no strangers to spring rainfall and humidity, however, rainfall in 2021 has exceeded our expectations for spring showers. This means more of all of the dreaded pests inside of our properties. Here are a few tips and tricks to protect your home from an invasion of rodents.

Secure Any Potential Access Points

Rodents have no trouble finding access points in any home or building. They use their senses to locate and enter the perfect shelter. One of the most important ways to keep rodents out of your property, is to ensure that there are no cracks or openings in the structure of your home or business. Even the smallest cracks and crevices can create a space big enough for a rodent to squeeze through.

Trim Plants That Are Growing Against Your Property.

If your home or business has trees, bushes, or other plants growing right next to it, rodents are being set up for success. Plants against a building allow rodents a safe space to sneak as close as possible to the property - often leading to an access point. Be sure to maintain the plants on your property, and avoid planting bushes or other greenery within 6-12 inches of the exterior walls of your property.

Set Up Traps

Professional grade traps lure the rodents in using a variety of techniques. The traps are set right outside of the building, which tricks the rodent into thinking it has found shelter and food. If you find your rodents on or near your property, it is important to take this step with a team of professionals.

Contact a Professional Pest Control Company

Professional pest control companies have experience and access to top-of-the-line equipment and technology to prevent or get rid of a rodent problem. At Green Guard Pest Control, our team of experts has the knowledge, experience, and equipment necessary to provide the best rodent control solutions in or near Frisco, Texas.

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