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How to Get Rid of Cockroaches

Your home may be your sanctuary, but cockroaches look for opportunities everywhere. Homes with cracks and crevices allow roaches into the home from the outside. Roaches are typically looking for food, warmth and shelter. By denying them their basic needs, you can get rid of them quickly.

Scrub Everything Spotless Cockroaches are known for their amazing survival instincts. They feed on crumbs, spills and even books, if necessary. Your first course of action should be to scrub all spills and crumbs from the home. Even remove piles of newspapers because they can survive on paper as well.

Borax And Sugar For a more aggressive removal tactic, try mixing 3 parts of borax with 1 part of sugar. When the roaches come in contact with the borax, because they are attracted to the sugar, their exoskeletons dry out. You’ll have many dead roaches with this strategy.

Baits And Sticky Traps If you know the roaches’ main thoroughfare into your home, try using baits or sticky traps. Place them in their pathway, forcing them to walk through the trap. Although you cannot trap all the roaches, baits do make a large dent in an infestation.

Foggers As A Last Resort Over-the-counter pesticides are a last resort because of their chemical-laden components. However, this roach eradication strategy is effective for small infestations. Use a fogger to saturate the entire home with pesticide, including open crevices. Because you must leave the home empty and locked, the pesticide has a long time to eradicate the roaches.

For most roach issues, these selections provide relief from infestations. If you have a recurring roach problem, a professional may need to be called. A disturbance in the neighborhood, such as a sewer renovation, could cause roaches to migrate into a different area, including your home. A professional can determine the best way to remove these pests.

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