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How does North Texas Humidity Affect Common Pests?

Although we may be used to that spring and summer humidity, there are some things resulting from humidity that North Texans often forget about.

Higher humidity levels outside means higher humidity levels inside your property - an inevitable issue. During the next few months, the wet air combines with the heat to create the perfect conditions for a variety of pests.

Silverfish, for example, thrive in wet, dark spaces. These humid environments, typically pipes and drains, become a habitable home for these creatures to lay eggs and reproduce. The better the conditions (heat and humidity) the more rapidly they are able to reproduce, turning a small problem into a much bigger issue when not properly taken care of.

As spring kicks into high gear, you can look forward to a severe increase in mosquitoes and many more insects. There are several types of insects that seek out humidity and moisture for their optimal survival, which creates a disturbing, and potentially dangerous, environment in your home.

Mosquitoes, among other insects, are known carriers of a variety of diseases. It is incredibly important to take every pest infestation seriously to protect the health of you and those who live and work on your property.

At Green Guard Pest Control, our technicians have the tools and experience necessary to resolve your spring and summer pest problems with as little disruption to your property as possible.

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