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Heavy Storms and Pest Control

Heavy storms can disrupt normal ways of life for pests such as wasps, cockroaches, termites, ants, and rodents. These types of pests can become unwelcome house guests when there are situations such as standing water, compromised roofing, decaying wood, and fallen trees. Many times pests experience the loss of natural housing and look for other places to lodge. Although emptying excess storm water and removing debris is helpful, sometimes it takes professional assistance to adequately deal with a pest problem after a bad storm.

Luckily, the licensed professionals from Green Guard Pest Control are available to help. We are family owned and operated, and offer a customer satisfaction guarantee. We take pest problems seriously and understand the destruction and stress caused by both heavy storms and the pest problem aftermath. Allow us to relieve your headache and provide quality pest control services. We take pride in going over and above normal industry expectations.

We are well versed in the best practices and equipment to use for specific pest types. Our thorough treatment and evaluation covers your property from foundation to yard to eaves. We handle indoor and outdoor pest issues and our trucks are well equipped for any pest situation. Green Guard uses high pressure spray equipment, extension rods, and commercial grade products. Keep your family and pets safe by hiring Green Guard Pest Control. Our team is responsible, efficient, and experienced with heavy storm realities as well as pest control challenges. We understand the importance of having a healthy living environment.

Call today for a free estimate. Our team is ready to discuss pest issues ranging from fleas, to cockroaches, to mice, or rats. Don’t risk the structural integrity of your home or the health of your family. Contact us and get ready to deal with existing pests and also to ward off any potential future pests.

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