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Green Guard Pets And Pest

Chemical pesticides that are sprayed indoors and outdoors leave behind a residue, which can harm pets. However, eco-friendly pest control solutions are available. If you need a treatment, contact Green Guard Pest Control.

Pets and Pest Control Options

Homemade pesticides have no toxic components, but they will keep unwanted bugs away from your pets. Most organic products are made with canola oil and dish soap. However, new organic solutions contain a crushed rock that has a powder-like consistency. The dusty mixture dehydrates earwigs, ticks, roaches, and fleas.

When a biological pest control product is applied on a lawn, it will attract predators without harming your pets. Over time, the components will entice lacewings and wasps too. The chemicals will also decrease the number of mites and aphids that gather on and around your plants.

To control pests, you must keep your yard maintained throughout the spring and summer because bugs like to hide in weeds and tall grass. However, to increase protection, a pest control technician must apply a thin layer of corn gluten on the lawn early in the season. The meal will control the weeds without affecting household pets.

Other Eco-Friendly Chemical Solutions

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