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Green Guard Mouse Control Services

The winter season offers unique challenges in terms of mouse control. Mice do not hibernate during the cold months, instead seeking out the warmth and food that houses offer. Mice may even hoard their food and nesting supplies inside of your home.

Let Green Guard Pest Control Keep Your Home Free of Mice!

Mice are a dangerous vermin, capable of spreading serious diseases and parasites. Although many of our customers anticipate a decrease in home pest problems during the winter, mice are more apt to infest your house as they seek shelter from the inclement winter weather. Even the cleanest of homes offer plenty of food for these conniving little creatures, who can access your home via pathways most people do not even notice.

Eliminating and preventing rodent infestations is of the utmost importance to your household. Not only does an infestation put your health and well-being at risk, but these creatures can also cause severe structural damage to your home. Due to their habit of constant gnawing, mice can weaken the structural integrity of your home or even chew through to wiring, leaving you at risk for electrical hazards. We perform effective mouse control in your home by:

  1. Performing a preseason inspection – We will inspect your foundation, yard and interior for mouse infestation risks.

  2. Performing a whole house sweep – Our technicians will focus on special areas of interior interest where mice commonly enter or nest.

  3. Strategically placing bait & traps – We employ powerful traps and bait stations to eliminate mice that have infested your house.

At Green Guard, we pride ourselves on providing more than just your average pest control services. Every single one of our valued, experienced technicians are licensed and focused on attaining 100% customer satisfaction.

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