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Frisco, Texas is Set to Welcome the Dallas Cowboys to the Ford Center at the Star

Ford, the Dallas Cowboys, and the city of Frisco, Texas have formed a partnership between the public and private sectors that is set to change the landscape of the city forever. This exciting addition is a joint venture to improve the community, build job security, provide world-class training facilities, and be a focal point in the area. The new building is scheduled to open in the summer of 2016, and will be the World Headquarters Training Facility for the Cowboys and the students in the Frisco Independent School District. It will also be a multi-functioning event center that can seat 12,000 for basketball games, corporate events, community functions, and much more.

Our staff at Green Guard Pest Control are excited about the opportunities for the community and the residents in the local area. There will be hundreds of new jobs for people to apply for as well as incredible opportunities for people who in the arts and entertainment fields. Students in the community will get to work closely with leaders at Ford to help them thrive and excel. The addition of the multiple-use center will boost tourism, bring an influx of money into the community, and the economic growth will allow the city to thrive and expand in the future.

The opportunities that a new facility will open up for the city will have far-reaching impact beyond increasing jobs and bringing in more money. The diverse groups of people that visit the city and see the Dallas Cowboys will help mold the look of the town for many decades to come. The area is set to become a multi-cultural city with a diverse mix of cuisines, boutiques, employers, and neighborhoods. This partnership will change the local community for the better and become a hub for entertainment in this part of Texas.

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