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Foods That Attract Ants

Ants can be a nightmare for any homeowner. These tiny pests can be embarrassing and cause damage to the structure of your home. Knowing which type you are dealing with can be helpful along with calling in the assistance of a professional such as Green Guard Pest Control in Frisco Texas.

There are three distinct categories of these pests; the sweet loving variety, grease loving variety, or carpenter Ants. Although all three do enjoy some of the same foods, each has certain preferences. Just like us, they need a diet that contains carbs, protein, and liquids. They’ll search out foods left in trash cans, a pet bowl, or any other easily accessed area.

A sweet loving ant prefers the taste of sugar and is easy to control. Species who crave a more diverse menu are less affected by bait traps. The carpenter variety is thought to eat wood. What they are actually doing is creating nests. This requires them to hollow wood out, causing major problems to any home’s structure. They will feed on sweets as well as flesh of dead animals and insects. Grease lovers tend to enjoy protein based foods.

One thing all varieties have in common is their ability to bring their friends along once they have found a good feeding place within your home. They leave a scent trail as they search for nutrients. This guides them back to the nest where they alert the others to follow them to the source of food.

Along with being careful to clean up crumbs and avoid leaving any food out where they can find it you will want to call Green Guard Pest Control in Frisco Texas to help. Once they find a food source, they won’t be very willing to go without professional intervention.

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