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Bed Bugs

Green Guard Gets Rid of Bed Bugs

A bed bug infestation often calls for professional control methods. An invasion by these intruders has nothing to do with cleanliness. They can hitchhike into your home or business in luggage, clothing and other materials. Once they gain entry, each female bug can lay more than 400 eggs, so taking fast action is your best defense. These invaders bite — and they can induce skin rashes and carry disease. At Green Guard Pest Control, we bring the latest technology and years of experience to your aid.

Signs of the Bugs The bedroom and areas near furniture are the most frequent sites of the bugs’ activity. Evidence of their presence include sightings of the bugs, dead carcasses, reddish-black specks of feces and tiny cream-colored eggs. They generally lay eggs in dark, narrow cracks, making the eggs difficult to find. It’s crucial to destroy the eggs — once they make themselves at home, their reproduction cycle continues indefinitely, rapidly increasing the infestation. This is one reason why home methods of pest control often fail. It’s easy for these sneaky invaders to stay ahead of basic bug killing methods available to consumers. Another clear sign of the pests is skins they slough off when they molt.

Getting Rid of Bed Bugs Determining the extent of the infestation is the first step. We inspect beds, linens, furniture, rugs and all the places these invaders hide. We have the right equipment to locate bed bugs in crevices. We’ll discuss control options with you to choose the best methods that are safe for your household, taking into consideration any pets, children and other concerns.

With the latest technology and superior know-how, we tackle the infestation to get rid of the bed bugs completely. Because of the nature of these pests, full control may require three or more re-inspections to make certain they don’t return.

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