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5 Pests to Watch for During Spring in Texas

Spring in North Texas means blooming flowers, warmer weather, and more pests entering and surrounding your home.

There are a variety of factors that play into the increase in each of these pests during the spring in Texas. Here are 5 pests to watch for during spring in Texas

1. Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are among the most common pests North Texans face in the spring. During March-June, North Texas sees heavier rainfall, increased humidity, and progressively hotter weather.

This is the perfect storm for mosquitoes, especially in late spring. Mosquitoes are drawn to areas with standing water and tall grass. Without a plan to eliminate or minimize mosquitoes, bites will cover you in no time.

In the meantime, one hack for fighting off mosquitoes is to put a bag of sugar water in a remote location in your yard. This distracts the mosquitoes from people and animals outside of your home.

2. Spiders

Spiders are common spring pests for multiple reasons - one being that they love to spin their webs in the humidity. Additionally, they thrive in moist and dark areas.

During the spring, humidity is not only in the air - it is also trapped in small areas surrounding your home. This presents the perfect opportunity for spiders to go into these dark crevices, some of which lead into the home.

Pest Control Frisco can help you remediate the problem before it gets out of hand at your home or business.

3. Ants

Ants become more active during the spring in Texas as they start planning a location for their next colony. During this time, ants often enter homes and businesses looking for food to bring back to the colony. This is why ants are frequently discovered in your kitchen or bathroom.

It doesn’t take long for a small ant problem to become an ant infestation. As ants find what they are looking for on your property, more and more will continue to show up.

4. Cockroaches

Without proper water or moisture, cockroaches can’t survive for longer than a week. During springtime in Texas, moisture water sources are everywhere – this is no problem for roaches. This increased humidity, however, naturally occurs inside the home during the spring too.

During the spring, you are most likely to find roaches in or near drain systems or other potential sources of water, such as your kitchen and bathrooms.

5. Fleas

Texans often forget about the hefty presence of fleas during the spring. Fleas tend to thrive in humid, more wooded areas. While fleas are not much of a danger to humans, they are to our pets.

Fleas cause itchy, and sometimes painful reactions to bites in dogs, cats, and wildlife. Their bites can cause hair loss, irritated skin, and parasites such as tapeworms to your pets.


There are a variety of pests that take over North Texas, each of which should be taken seriously. Fighting against pests can protect not only humans and pets but also the structure of your property and appliances.

If you suspect pests on your property, contact Green Guard Pest Control today.

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