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Each of our trucks is equipped with a 50 gallon tank. These tanks allow us to provide your home with a pressure treatment of at least 6-10 gallons of product. The pressurized treatment helps us more effectively treat weep holes, as well as cracks and crevices along the foundation of the home, so that we can keep the pests out of the walls and home. The product we use on the foundation is called Demand CS. Demand is a superior product because it is microencapsulated, which allows it to more effectively eliminate pests as well as last longer than typical pest products. The residual life of Demand CS can be as long as 90 days.



Our yard treatment has two parts. Every service with Green Guard Pest Control will provide your home with a 30 ft. barrier. Our highly-trained technicians will blanket your lawn with commercial grade granules, helping keep the ants, spiders, fleas, ticks, and other crawling insects out of your lawn. In addition to the yard granulation, our technicians will walk the lawn and individually bait every ant mound with a specialized ant bait to destroy each ant colony.


Green Guard Pest Control uses extension poles allowing us to reach the spider webs and wasp nests as far up as 25 feet on your home. Many spider problems inside the home are caused by spiders nesting in the eaves which eventually move into the attic and down into the house. Not only will our technicians clear out the spider webbing and egg sacks, but they will also remove mud daubers and other wasp nests as well. After removing nesting activity, technicians apply treatment to the areas of activity to help prevent pests from returning.

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At Green Guard Pest Control we provide a full interior service. We go through each room of the house and treat the baseboards for any specific pest. This allows us to flush out interior pest problems to give you better results. In addition, we also use our top-quality product, Demand-CS, on the interior of the home. After initially flushing out interior pest problems, we can effectively maintain the interior of the home with our future exterior services. This allows the customer the convenience of not always having to be home when services are rendered.

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