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What You Should Know About Silverfish

Sliverfish are small insects that are shaped like a teardrop and that are white, grey or brownish in color. They can reproduce fast and become a serious problem. We have handled many of these types of infestations before and can rid you home of the insects. You should know a little about these persistent and potentially damaging pests.

Where They Are Found

The pests are actually very resilient. We have found them in nearly all types of environments. The reality is that they prefer places that are humid and dark. You will find them inside of your ducts, in cabinets and drawers and inside closets and boxes. They will live happily under your sink or in a corner of your garage.

How They Can Harm Your Home

These pests are attracted to carbohydrates of nearly any type. They will eat paper and cardboard for this reason. They can eat their way inside of unopened boxes of food and contaminate the contents. They will eat books, boxes and clothing. We have seen them eat away walls and wallpaper. The pests can do serious damage to your home and personal possessions over time.

Signs of an Infestation

The main sign of an infestation is actually seeing one of the insects. Spotting just one means that you probably have an issue since they breed quickly. Another sign is the appearance of holes in your boxes, clothes and papers that are sometimes surrounded by a yellowish stain. You might even be able to spot them in the siding on your house.

Eliminating and Controlling the Pests

Our Green Guard Pest Control specialists can take multiple steps to eliminate an infestation. We can identify and cut off food and water supplies that they need to survive. We can treat your home so that both the adults and the eggs are eliminated. We can even put down traps to stop them from coming back. If you suspect that you have a silverfish infestation in your home, then you should call us right away.

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