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Tips To Reduce Spiders in Your House

While spiders do provide a huge benefit to humans by killing many annoying insects, most people simply do not want them in the house. Spiders survive on killing and consuming small insects they trap in their webs. Here are some important tips to reduce the spiders in your house.

Call in the Professionals One of the most effective ways to rid the home of spiders is to call your local pest control specialist. The exterminator will look for areas around your home the spiders can easily enter and take precautions to remove them and their webbing. Spiders who build large webs in the attic can survive off the never ending supply of bugs that enter through the ventilation passages. When you have an abundance of spiders in the home or your house is up against a wooded area, call pest control and let them handle the situation efficiently.

Weather Stripping Purchase some weather stripping from your local hardware store and look for areas around windows and doors that small insects can enter the home. It only takes a tiny gap for a spider to easily access your home’s interior, so take the time to carefully add the weather stripping to any areas you see light coming in or small gaps where a breeze is coming in the home.

Caulking the Gaps

The pipes under your sinks are another way that many spiders can easily enter the home and begin making their webs. You can either purchase some caulk or the liquid insulation to eliminate this problem. Place the caulk around the base of the pipes where they come into the cabinets. Make sure to check all the sinks in each bathroom, kitchen, and laundry room for any small openings in the seals.

Dust Your Home Regularly

When you dust your home more frequently you eliminate the chance of a new web showing up. The only way that the spider can survive is by eating the insects it traps in the web. When the web is removed each day, the spider that is hiding in your home will die in a few days.

Spray The Home Frequently Purchase a container of pesticide from your hardware store and spray the outside foundation of the home once a week. Spray the windows and the door when there is no chance of rain in the forecast so the solution can dry and form a barrier against spiders getting into the house. Spray the inside of the home when the family is out for a few hours. Treat windows, doors, and along the molding of each room.

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