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How to Handle Crickets at Home

Crickets are seemingly innocuous insects that can actually become a serious household nuisance. Despite their harmless appearance, they can actually pose a significant hazard to clothes, documents and building structures. Luckily, they are a pretty easy pest to handle. Green Guard Pest Control is glad to share our wisdom below to help homeowners tackle cricket invasions on their properties.

Start with Physical Removal Before preventing the entry of more bugs, the current lot must be banished. These are the best methods available for stage one.

Set Traps Adhesive traps are a family friendly way to stop crickets in their tracks. Glue will hold them in place to stop mobility and engender easy removal. Cricket passageways are typically warm and moist, so place the traps in humid areas for maximum success.

Drop Bait Bring out hidden hordes of cricket invaders with a simple trick involving molasses. Just mix a solution using an even distribution of water and sugary syrup. The bugs cannot resist the concoction, and they will abandon their post in the woodwork to get a taste. Lure them out safely and quickly!

Spray Poison Chemicals will do the trick if natural remedies are not strong enough. Just make sure to keep the poisons far away from kids and pets. All-purpose potions are effective, but ones specifically designed to target cricket infestations will be the most powerful.

Find Eggs After the insects seem to be gone, it is time to vacuum in case of eggs being left behind. High-efficiency suction is a must, and the bags must sealed and thrown out.

Destroy Existing Habitats Even after the current population is reduced, it is wise to spray the perimeter with poison to prevent future reentry. Caulking should be used to block all crevices and cracks; meanwhile, screen filters should be applied to all windows and vents.

Limit Plant Growth Vegetation attracts bugs, so lowering the amount of indoor gardening can dramatically limit cricket presence.

If All Else Fails Contact Green Guard Pest Control to simplify the entire ordeal. Professional assistance is right around the bend!

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