Green Guard Pest Control is a family-owned and operated McKinney pest control provided based right here in the heart of North Texas. As a full service McKinney pest control provider, we are experts in the types of insects and rodents most commonly associated with the DFW area. Green Guard’s professional technicians will treat and protect your home from pest and rodents both the inside and out. Our comprehensive approach to pest control not only treats your foundation and interior, but also your home’s yard and eaves to insure maximum protection.

As a fully licensed certified applicator himself, our owner employs only licensed and experienced technicians. With years of experience in the McKinney pest control market, Green Guard is an expert in the pest control methods best suited for the North Texas climate and geography. We take a lot pride in our comprehensive pest control service. That’s why all of our work comes with a complete 100% satisfaction guarantee. Thus, you can rest assured that Green Guard will protect your home with the most comprehensive service available.

Protect your family and home with Green Guard Pest Control, a full service McKinney pest control company. Speak to one of our professionals today to see how we can provide your home with maximum protection from pests and rodents. Call now for your Free Estimate and Evaluation.