If you’re searching for trustworthy Frisco pest control companies, call the professionals at Green Guard Pest Control. We provide comprehensive pest control services, and we take every measure to ensure that your home of office is free of insects, pests, and rodents. We take tremendous pride in our work and provide our customers outstanding service that is both honest and ethical. In addition, our technicians are both licensed and experienced, so you can rest assured that you are receiving reliable service.

Green Guard Pest Control sets itself apart from other Frisco pest control companies by offering the most comprehensive service at budget friendly prices. Here are just a few reasons Green Guard is different:

High Pressure Spray Equipment

Unlike other Frisco pest control companies that use only a one gallon “hand can” to spray the perimeter of your foundation, Green Guard technicians use “High Pressure” power spray equipment to apply six to ten gallons of product around your foundation on every service.

30 ft. Treatment Radius

Green Guard technicians treat a minimum radius of at least 30 ft. from the foundation of your home or office. Most pest control services charge an extra fee to treat anything beyond a few feet.

Roofline Protection (Extension Rods)

Here at Green Guard Pest Control, we use extension rods to sweep at least 25 ft. up under your roof line for spiders, webs, and wasp nests on the home as part of our standard service.

Mice/Rat & Flea/Tick Protection

Green Guard does not charge an extra fee for “Mice/Rat” and/or “Flea/Tick” protection. Other Frisco pest control companies tend to charge extra for this service.

Organic Based Products

Green Guard Pest Control uses only “Organic Based” products derived from marigold and chrysanthemum flowers. Organic products are natural and safer than traditional pesticides.

Green Guard is a family owned company that is conveniently located in Frisco, TX. We want to be your chosen pest control provider and are committed to providing you with the absolute best pest control and customer service that Frisco has to offer. Call the professionals at Green Guard Pest Control today to rid your home or office of pests.