No one wants harsh chemicals being sprayed in and around their house, especially those with young children and pets that may be affected.  At Green Guard, we offer a solution that is not only safer for your family, but also the environment.  We provide the very best organic pest control in Frisco TX without having to sacrifice the effectiveness of our product.


Our organic based product is made from marigold and chrysanthemum flowers and is every bit as effective as any of those harsh chemicals other companies use.  We also use a power washer to disperse 6-10 gallons of our product around your home that will provide a 30-foot barrier against pests.  Compare that to other companies that use a hand sprayer and charge extra for anything more that a 2-3 foot barrier.  Let’s face it, you want organic pest control in Frisco TX but you don’t want to skimp on the results right?  Green Guard is the company you’ve been looking for.


When you go with Green Guard organic pest control Frisco TX, you are going to get licensed and certified technicians that come to your home and will service the inside and out with every visit.  We will even treat your yard and sweep up under your eaves!


You’ve made the first right decision to go with an organic solution, now you want the best organic pest control in Frisco TX.  Green Guard is the best.  Give us a call and let us show you.


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