Rodents, insects, and other pests are a huge issue if not protected against.  There is one company out there that sets itself apart from other McKinney exterminator companies out there and that is Green Guard.  The McKinney exterminator professionals at Green Guard offer you so much, including:


  • Our pesticide is an organic, chrysanthemum based product
  • We use a power sprayer to apply 6-10 gallons of our product with each visit (most companies use a hand sprayer and one gallon of their product)
  • We provide a 30 foot barrier around your home
  • We treat the inside, foundation, yard, and under your eaves with every visit
  • Green Guard’s impeccable customer service rating and reviews


When you call Green Guard McKinney exterminators, you are going to receive comprehensive protection for your home and family.  All of our technicians are fully licensed and certified, just like the owner of the company himself.  We are so sure that we can solve any McKinney exterminator problem you might have, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our work.


We offer the very best protection for your home and family against rodents, pests, and insects.  Give us a call today for your Free Consultation and Estimate.


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