If you have a pest problem or you just want protection so you never have to deal with one, Green Guard Allen pest control services is the company you want on your side.  We are a family owned, local pest control service with years of experience dealing with all of the multitude of pest, rodents, and insects that plague the North Texas area.  We only hire licensed and certified technicians, so you can be sure the professional that comes to your home will know exactly what they are doing and take care of your problem the right way.  We’re so sure that we can handle your problem that we offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee!


When you call Green Guard Allen pest control services, you are going to receive comprehensive protection for your home and family.  We will treat your foundation to a minimum or 30 feet against pests every time we come out.  But that’s not all!  We will also treat the interior of your home, your yard, and even under your eaves where you’ll often find those spider and wasp nests.


The way we apply our treatment also sets us apart.  We use a high pressure applicator, attached to every truck, to apply 6-10 gallons of our organic product with each treatment.  What you’ll get from other companies is a hand held, low pressure applicator, and you’ll only get one gallon of their product.  You can even be sure you’re being environmentally friendly when you choose Green Guard Allen pest control services, as we use organic based products made from marigold and chrysanthemum flowers.


Your family and your home deserve the best Allen pest control services out there.  They deserve Green Guard.  Give us a call today for your Free Consultation and Estimate.


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